Atra pharmaceutical company, based on our vision , intends to exploit high technologies in health production, services, and business and by using expert staff, is going to have innovations in health, economics and environments fields and in this regard will provide necessary training and standards.
This company intends to respond hidden demands of customers and beneficiaries and to complete health chain. This company follows the following goals by providing suitable benefit and concerned consent:




Cheer and motivation of staff and improving team working activities.
Executing knowledge-based projects.
Producing raw materials with high added value.
Producing new pharmaceutical dosage forms, cosmetics and toiletries.
Producing and supplying food supplements.
Related services in manufacturing and healthcare fields.



Atra pharmaceutical company intends to concentrate and exploit modern technologies for production and trade. Also by benefiting from expert staff and team working, intends to supply its productions and services to improve society and customers health and to introduce its products as the best ones in the country and territory. Therefore this company tries to provide consent of customers and beneficiaries according to national international environmental standards and using internal and external resources to do its debt for society health improvement.







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